Address Labels

Address labels that come in sheets with 30 labels per sheet are a common type of label used for various purposes, including mailing, shipping, and labeling items. Here are some key points about address labels with 30 labels per sheet:

1. Label Size: 1" x 2.65" 

2. Format: These labels are usually arranged in a grid format with multiple rows and columns on a single sheet of paper. The labels are pre-cut or perforated, allowing you to easily separate them once they are printed.

3. Design: You can design your label with our easy to use design software. You can either create your custom design online or use a premade template. 

4. Uses: Address labels with 30 labels per sheet are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as mailing envelopes, labeling packages, organizing files, creating name badges, or even marking items for sale at a garage sale.

When using address labels with 30 labels per sheet, you should make sure that the labels adhere securely to your envelopes or packages to avoid any issues during mailing or shipping.

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